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Warmly celebrate Zhu Taiyou brand conference and auto forum held a grand!
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Cooperate with brilliance --
Warmly celebrate otomo enterprise brands conference and distributor meeting be held!

The sun is shining, banners, the honored guest house, fife pine-woods cloud. 2010 July 10 is a happy day, in the 12th China guangzhou building expo and the 4th international decoration materials procurement section tian jian grandly occasion, otomo enterprise hand in hand together YuTianJian U.S. imperialists lock enterprise. joint international five jincheng square held in the grand ZhaoShangHui.

With their friends and guests from all over the world, total descriptots otomo friendship, palaver and exchanging information, develop business opportunities, this is a successful result otomo, more adhesive industry's biggest event. 8am start, more than 80 students from across the country otomo agent and the area distributor YuTianJian square before collection by miss manners wear VIP corsage, more seats after leading the periphery of the merchants from otomo enterprise of sign after understanding conference everywhere joined the great event, the scene temporarily lively very, in many guests face all see to urgent understand conference otomo new product details. Site is permeated with a cheerful atmosphere.

15000 square meters' square layout festival and rich characteristics, several main streets colorful banners and huge gas arch, one side suspension large banners, warmly welcome guest arrival. Square around to place ads board, both orderly publicity our enterprise culture content, also have our products are selling point introduction. On the left is a showcase of new product platform area, we put the development of new ace products low carbon environmental protection, net flavour super type "9009" monengjiao, high quality "division" project special glass adhesive series products are put orderly, meeting before the start of the many dealers all friends in the experience, trial our products, admire the sound of still reverberating, exclamation otomo products not only cost-effective ultra-high appearance, which is more does more beautiful, also more and more stable performance.

10 o'clock meeting officially began, the host go on stage to announce otomo enterprise this product launches activity starts, temporary captivating ambience, lion dance live dance. Stage performances have arranged the band the atmosphere on the spot to a climax. Then, HuangWeiCai otomo enterprise general manager Mr Onstage speeches, and delivered an excellent speech (notes attached). On-site conference to "equality, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win" as purpose, stuck up otomo enterprise ", altogether with brilliance "thematic. Yellow total lecture content includes four parts: a brief introduction, the industry status, product description, the future development. Yellow total of adhesive industry has a deep understanding and the keen insight, through his excellent analysis to present the distributor friends for adhesives industry have the deeperlevel understanding, he speacially views, unique perspective has, elegant manner to distributor friends left deep impression. Finally, new and old dealers and yellow total is big friend enterprise industry status, channel planning issues had an interactive, huang total one answer.

This conference invitation to customer 130 people, including invite new customers 38 people, its existing clients 92 people. New customers include heilongjiang Harbin written by Yang lixin, hunan changyang Chiang et, zhejiang ruian WangHongYu, henan xinxiang MiaoYongXiang, anhui luan deng tao storehouse, zhejiang jinhua JiangWeiRong, anhui fuyang history all justice, zhejiang yiwu Chen gang, jiangsu jiangyan b., kunming, yunnan ZhangDaoFu,,,,,,, conference in the warm and pleasant atmosphere. Assembly have also prepared and big friendly products related sketch "throw key" for the guests appreciated. Entertainers performance to interesting places, everybody all laugh,,,,,, give assembly brought another relaxed lively atmosphere.

This big friend enterprise had the honour of being invited to China adhesives deputy director of institute, SBS monengjiao inventor, China monengjiao authoritative experts YouShaoJun coming to launch, dr by dr myself to swim on general explained his latest developed guests "9009" type monengjiao features and characteristics. Miss manners display in the company's products, many guests all jostle for a new product to see, warm atmosphere momentary unprecedented...

Nearly 12 noon, the venue activities sites turns to guangzhou avenue cantonese house hotel lobby, organizer otomo enterprise spread out the dozens of table feast, hospitality from around the country VIP. The banquet on functional, wine with huan backdrop. Yellow is always in the conference speeches, he first representative otomo enterprise staff welcome guests and partners this can come to big friend enterprise's product launches and distributor meeting, and hope everybody can give otomo enterprise in each aspect, put forward valuable opinion so big friend later can do better.

The party with huan, functional interspersed with the dealer the sweepstakes.

Meanwhile webmasters still while sweepstakes climax via approval, total conformity yellow launched impromptu order big piece of activities, at that time, all DingHuoHui banquet hall into a new and old customers scramble to order, the atmosphere unprecedented upsurge, order a connect a ZhangJing around business managers hands turned to host hand collect announced on the spot, according to the spot orders amount of digital reflect upon collection, the impromptu order activity only 20 minutes, carry out orders reached RMB 420 million. And the later confirmed telephone additional amount together, the total order more than 700 million RMB.

Generally speaking, the event has achieved extended effect, effectively strengthen the communication with the original dealers, and solved some actual problems and make new old dealer friend felt otomo enterprise's care and help. This activity after 8 dealer wants to join upgraded to be a big friend enterprise district image store desire, intentional strongly. Head office is currently arrange manpower actively follow up. This ZhaoShangHui also replenish the three cities of product market blank, improved otomo enterprise of influence in this country, let more dealers and consumers more clear and comprehensive understanding of the big friend enterprise nearly two years the situation of swift development and the future development direction.

Meanwhile, guangzhou corporation also plans to later in the appropriate time, in fujian province, shenzhen branch responsible area having the same investment and new product introduction meeting. Believe after a series of product launches, has covered the region’s big friend brand more can thoroughly consumer heart, with a single spark heave prairie trend, let otomo enterprise of quality products spread throughout the each place, let more consumers visible, get our a born beauty products, truly enjoy the good and cheap benefits. Otomo enterprise may in conjunction with the whole society all practitioners in the coming days to work together, with a brilliant future together! Finally, once again, warmly celebrate otomo enterprise this large new brands conference and dealers forum a complete success!

Investment promotion office
07-11 2010

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