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First: dealers
DZDY working to find qualified distributors, and carry out the work cooperatively with intimacy. Our company hope that through extensive dealer of mutual cooperation and incessantly new market and market space, create new profit growth point, create a win-win market management pattern.

Second: manufacturers OEM production
With the development of market economy and competition. Parts manufacturers and merchants in order to make our products, and lack of perfect all-purpose adhesive production technology itself. Our company is willing to provide for full certificates OEM manufacturers.

Third: materials business
As long as it is a good raw material suppliers, big friend enterprise are willing to accept, through quality and credit contrast, we will choose the best several raw materials supplier as long-term partners. The company is willing to help with each other all suppliers, technology, materials, equipment on the resource sharing, make progress together, and interests and promote the took both sides of the continuous improvement.


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