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HuangWeiCai general manager of Michael’s speech at the press conference
Date: 2015-12-13 Views: Back

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning, everyone. I am a great friend enterprise general manager HuangWeiCai, in this July guangzhou building materials during the expo, we took the sincere and enthusiasm, invite you to attend the new old friend otomo enterprise's product launches, seek wider and higher level of cooperation space. Here, on behalf of all my friends to attend large enterprise, this seminar of each business leaders, elites and honorable guests our warmest welcome! All guests may have a lot of big friend the circumstance of the enterprise already familiar with, let me take this opportunity, to brief are going to introduce new products and great friend to the future development of the enterprise strategy, in the future development, we will continuously devotion enterprise funds and strengthen product development efforts, make great efforts to improve product quality, to build the great friend brand image of consumer products, and constantly improve the course and to the brand loyalty, in product technical aspect and procurement of raw materials, we will be more strictly, on the equipment we will constantly update. Since last year, we had the pleasure to invite to China adhesives deputy director of institute, SBS monengjiao inventor, China monengjiao authoritative experts on dr. YouShaoJun otomo monengjiao whole solving technical problems and research, recently finally developed the latest product "9009" type low row carbon SBS super bonding net flavour monengjiao, this product in environmental protection and bonding function has achieved unprecedented breakthrough. At the same time, we also produce high-quality "division" project special glass adhesive series products, the products are mainly aimed at large engineering projects for use of the quality of the twin advantages plus brand lock terminal consumer groups. In the brand operation aspects: we will invite star endorsement, input CCTV advertising, online promotion and a series of brand marketing means, continuously improve product’s core competitiveness, and for our dealers to create higher bigger and more stable development and the profit space. In short, big friend will be devoted to enhance product quality, continuous improvement to enterprise and social stakeholders coordination and development. A vast market, we be hopeful about the future, with the product core competitive advantages, make our confidence in the future, it will be our fast wealth creation myth great opportunity. Finally I wish the success of the new product promotion, and wishing everyone healthy body, the life is happy, mood. Again, thank everybody!

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